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Parafilm® M

No matter whether you wish to seal beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, weighing bottles or graduated cylinders, the highly elastic and stretchable Parafilm® M laboratory film fits the opening of any vessel. It saves specimens from contamination or evaporating. Furthermore, it prevents fallen over flasks from spilling. Parafilm® M stretches up to 200 % of its original size and clings even around irregular shapes and surfaces.
If Parafilm® M comes into contact with foods, the relevant regulations are to be observed. Parafilm® M complies with to the provisions of the US FDA Food and Drug Administration when used below 55 °C and observance of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
Physical properties: Chemical resistance:
Toxicity: not toxic
Melting point: 60 °C
Flash point: 301 °C
Temperature range
(continuous use):
- 45 °C to + 50 °C
Parafilm® M is resistant up to
48 hours against many
polar substances, e. g.
saline solutions,
inorganic acids and
alkaline solutions.
After that period
embrittlement may
Stretchability: 200 %
Elongation at tear: 300 %
Effects of 48 hours of exposure at 23 °C
Gas permeability in 24 hours
at 23 °C with 50 %
relative humidity:
Oxygen O2 ≤ 350 cm3/m2
Hydrochloric acid 36.5 %: resistant
Sulphuric acid 98 %: resistant
Nitric acid 95 %: resistant*
Nitrogen N2: ≤ 105 cm3/m2
Carbon Dioxide CO2: ≤ 1100 cm3/m2
Alkaline solutions:
Sodium hydroxide 22 %: resistant
Ammonia 28 %: resistant
Water vapour permeability in 24 hours
at 37 °C and 90 % relative
humidity: 0.8 g/m2
Saline solutions:
Sodium chloride 20 %: resistant
Potassium permanganate 5 %:
Iodine solution 0.1 ml/l: resistant*
Parafilm® M can be
stored for at least 3
years at a temperature
between 7 °C and 32
°C and relative
humidity of 50 %.
Organic solvents:
Methanol: resistant
Ethanol: resistant
Isopropanol: resistant
Diethylether: not resistant
Chloroform: not resistant
Carbon tetrachloride: not resistant
Benzene: not resistant
Toluene: not resistant
Cat. No. Length Width Packaging Unit
7403810 38 m 10 cm Dispenser 12
7407505 75 m 5 cm Dispenser 24
7407510 75 m 10 cm Dispenser 12
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