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3D sample holders

The sample holders were developed together with researchers for light sheet microscopy on cleared tissue pieces. They are suitable for use with all common methods, i.e. with aqueous and solvent-based embedding media.

In light sheet microscopy, tissue samples are illuminated through the lateral light entry walls using a thin laser light sheet. The sample is traversed vertically with respect to the light sheet to scan the sample in its entirety. The fluorescence of the individual sample planes is recorded with a camera from above and reconstructed in a 3D display software.

Two types of sample holders are available for tissue samples of different sizes.
The holders are made of optically high quality and chemically resistant plastic with a glass-like refractive index of approx. 1.5. Both reservoirs are flared at the top to facilitate filling and to move the marginal menisci outside of the viewing area.

The latter enables distortion-free imaging through the liquid surface when using non-immersible dry lenses. The extended rim supports safe handling of the sample containers and offers an area for writing or a sticker for sample identification.
The sample holders are stackable.

The small container offers a usable space for samples up to 40 x 15 x 10 mm. Its shape optimizes the usable area for exposure and image acquisition with large dry lenses while offering low consumption of the refractive index- matching medium. The container is designed for sample sizes that, after clearing, can be completely recorded with one-sided illumination, such as mouse brains or other comparably large tissues. One-sided illumination occurs through the light entrance wall.

The larger container has a square footprint and sports 4 numbered light entrance walls that enclose a sample space of approx. 40 x 40 x 25 mm. In addition, the larger opening accomodates immersion lenses and can be used with simultaneous dual-sided illumination.

Cat. No. 5241010 5241011
Ext. dimensions approx.: 55 x 31 x 35 mm 55 x 55 x 38 mm
(filled below the
overflow area):
approx. 9 ml approx. 47 ml
Height of the
overflow space:
approx. 10 mm approx. 10 mm
Inclination of the
light entry wall:
approx. 1.9° from the
vertical to inclined,
outwards at the top
approx. 1.9° from the
vertical to inclined,
outwards at the top
Unit: 40 10
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