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A company managed by the fourth generation of the Marienfeld family

HandyStep® touch

30. Aug 2019 /

The next generation of the BRAND® repetitive pipette is available now!

Simple: touch screen operation
Easy: automatic tip ejection
Efficient: compatible with various third party tips

New in programme

08. May 2019 /

We have included another BRAND® product in our product range: the Titrette® bottle-top burette.

With this digital burette, available in the sizes 10 ml, 25 ml and 50 ml, you can titrate quickly and reliably with highest precision even in close quarters and independent of the power supply, in the laboratory, in production or even in the field!

Extension of our range

01. Aug 2018 /

We expanded our product range for you. Include miscellaneous laboratory items from metal in your orders to us and reduce your ordering costs. Ask for our updated pricelist.

The allround bottle made of polypropylene

08. Jan 2018 /

With the new lab bottle VITgripTM VITLAB offers you the allround bottle made of plastic for storage and sample collection of liquids in the lab. An excellent grip as a result of innovative design: The slim, waisted shape facilitates the handling of the VITgripTM to a considerable degree.

Sedgewick Rafter chambers without grid

08. Jan 2018 /

For many applications, particularly for some APHA methods and where larger plankton are being analysed, there is no requirement for a counting grid printed onto the slide. This is where the Sedgewick Rafter counting chamber with the plain glass base is deployed.


Tissue float bath

08. Jan 2018 /

This practical waterbath supports users when stretching and drying tissues. After the stretching in the waterbath, the slide with the tissue is placed on the warmed rim for drying.



HistoBond®+M adhesive microscope slides

08. Jan 2018 /

Even non-polar tissue, e.g. very fatty one that does not cause a charge difference between the adhesive layer and the section, reliably bonds chemically to the glass.

Marienfeld Superior Catalogue 18

08. Jan 2018 /

New products have been added complementing our product portfolio usefully. You'll find this equipment here on our website: Latest products.

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