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Counting Chambers

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Counting chambers

Marienfeld Superior counting chambers are precise measuring instruments to determine the number of particles in liquids.
  • made of special optical glass in compliance with DIN ISO 12 847
  • individually tested according to the German Calibration Ordinance
  • planarity and tolerances are strictly observed
  • tolerance of depth of chamber max. 2 %
  • our counting chambers for investigations of cell suspensions are equipped with 2 sets of grids. In-vitro diagnostic (IVD) applications generally require duplicate determinations. Double counting grids = double check possibility.
  • a cover glass with a thickness of 0.4 mm is placed on top of both external stages of the counting chamber to limit the volume over the counting grids
  • 2 haemacytometer cover glasses with thickness 0.4 mm are supplied with each counting chamber. For spare cover glasses please see here.
  • in general, we recommend haemacytometer cover glasses 20 x 26 mm. Counting chambers Fuchs-Rosenthal require cover glasses 24 x 24 mm and counting chambers Nageotte require cover glasses 22 x 30 mm or 30 x 30 mm. Thinner cover slips should not be used as they bend because of the capillary forces
  • individually packed in transparent plastic box, 10 pcs. in a carton
  • counting grids are engraved into two ground and polished surfaces on the central stage (= chamber bottom). This central stage is located between two elevated also ground and polished stages.
  • Dark line:
    Under the microscope the lines of the standard counting grid appear dark.
  • Bright line:
    Bright lined counting chambers have counting grids which are structured into a very thin, transparent metal coating. The bright lines contrast well with the dark metallic background and this facilitates evaluating cell suspensions.

Counting grids

Drawings of the different counting grids can be seen here: