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Staining jars acc. to Coplin with screw cap

  • made of heavy-walled soda lime glass (pressed glass)
  • offers space for up to 10 microscope slides (approx. 76 x 26 mm)
  • with screw cap made of black urea resin 131.5 with PE foam insert 1 mm, thread size GPI 48-500 (Cat. No. 5458752)
Jars with screw cap:
Cat. No.   Unit
4200030 tall shape 6
4200031 low shape 6

Glass staining articles of heavy-walled soda lime glass have a relatively high coefficient of expansion and must not be exposed to rapid temperature changes due to their material. They have to be heated slowly and also cooled down slowly in order to avoid cracks caused by tensions.

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