Pipette Leak Tester for air displacement pipettes BRAND® PLT unit

The PLT unit finds smallest leaks within seconds. Daily checks with this leak tester can provide a safeguard during the periods between calibrations. Even smallest leaks are detected and the process reliability for the pipette is thus significantly improved.

  • test limit values for all commercially available single- and multichannel pipettes in the volume range of 1 µl to 10 ml are pre-programmed
  • test with and without tips to assist in leak source diagnosis
  • test result in seconds
  • patent pending
  • items supplied:
    one adapter each for testing single-channel air-displacement pipettes with tip (mounted) and without tip
    2 plugs (for instrument validation)
    3 replacement PE filters for the pipette adapters
    1 universal AC adapter
    quality certificate and operating manual 
Cat. No.   Unit
5114300 PLT unit 1

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