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HistoBond®+ microscope slides with circles

Our adhesive and positively charged microscope slides HistoBond®+  with circles are designed for the use in cytocentrifuges.

  • made of soda lime glass of the 3rd hydrolytic class
  • markings contrast especially well with the white printed end of our HistoBond®+  slides. This improves the secure identification of specimens.
  • suitable for marking with inkjet and laser printers and permanent marker (like Marienfeld Superior laboratory marker Cat. No. 61 306 03)
  • in compliance with DIN ISO 8037/1
  • dimensions: approx. 76x26 mm, thickness approx. 1 mm
  • with adhesive surfaces
  • with 90° ground edges
  • pre-cleaned
  • ready for use
  • autoclavable
  • packed in plastic boxes of 100 pieces, 20 boxes in a carton
  • for in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) applications according to IVD directive 98/79/EC, with CE-mark, recommended best before date and batch number for comprehensive information and traceability


Cat. No. Type Unit
0810461 with 1 circle of approx. 12 mm inside diameter 2000
0810471 with 2 circles of approx. 12 mm inside diameter 2000

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